Take control of your educational media

Master audio & video learning material such as video lectures, language courses, talks, podcasts and audiobooks with these flexible tools

Take notes

Add notes to your media

Notes make reviewing material fast and easy. And you can use them as bookmarks in audiobooks.

Jump to specific notes for quick access and manage notes with ease.

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Change playback speed

Set your own pace

Speed up audio & video to breeze through talks and podcasts

Slow down media to keep up with dialogue in movies and language courses

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Navigate with ease

Navigate with ease

Jump forwards and backwards with precision – great for podcasts & language courses

You can configure jump lengths to suit your needs

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Swipe gesture controls

Track your progress

Keep track of which media you’re busy with and which you’ve completed

Additionally, remember the media’s last playback position, playback speed and AB Repeat settings for convenience

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Swipe gesture controls

Quick access with swipe gestures

Swipe left, right, up or down to for easy access to all controls – ideal for your commute or when listening to audio

Gestures are customisable from the Settings menu

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AB Repeat

Learn through repetition

Use AB Repeat to automatically repeat sections of media – handy to reinforce music and learn languages

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Master your media content now

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