Gesture Controls

Gesture Controls
Gesture controls allow you to perform any action by swiping left, right, up or down on audio or video.

By default, left and right jump backwards and forwards by 3 seconds; up and down increase and decrease the playback speed.

Gestures can be changed from the Settings menu meaning you can define what swiping in a different direction does.


Gesture controls are useful for when you’re using Timeshift in a restricted space such as a train or bus on your commute.

Gestures are often faster than having to access the appropriate controls because they’re always available from the media you’re consuming.


Gesture Controls Settings
You can change the left, right, up and down gestures from the app’s Settings menu.

Once you’ve selected a setting, a list will appear with all the available controls. Just pick the one you want to map the gesture to that control.

You can only change the left and right gestures in Timeshift Free. Upgrade to Timeshift Pro to change any gesture, including up and down.