Jump Controls

Jump ControlsJump controls allow you to jump backwards and forwards in audio and video media with a lot more precision than traditional tools like the seek bar.

Timeshift supports short, medium and long jump lengths. These are initially set to 3, 5 and 10 seconds respectively. However, these can be changed at any time.


Jump ControlsUsing jump controls, you can easily navigate through dialogue in movies, language courses and podcasts.

This is especially useful for reviewing and repeating certain sections of dialogue.

Jump ControlsWhen playing online courses, video lectures or talks, you can jump forwards to skip uninteresting bits or parts you already know.

This prevents boredom and helps you cover the material faster.


Here’s a quick explanation of the controls:

Short jump (3s) Jump backwards/forwards by 3 seconds.
Medium jump (5s) Jump backwards/forwards by 5 seconds.
Long jump (10s) Jump backwards/forwards by 10 seconds.


Jump Controls
You can change the short, medium and long jump lengths from the app’s Settings menu. The length can be between 0.5 and 600 seconds.

You can only change the short jump length in Timeshift Free. Upgrade to Timeshift Pro to change any jump length, including medium and long.