Play YouTube Videos in Timeshift

YouTubeYou can play YouTube videos in Timeshift and make use of all Timeshift’s powerful features such as variable playback speed, notes and progress history.

The easiest way to play YouTube videos is to share them with Timeshift from the YouTube app or your web browser. But you can also paste a YouTube link from inside Timeshift to start YouTube playback.

Share from the YouTube app

Jump ControlsWhile inside the YouTube app, open the video that you want to play in Timeshift.

Select the Share button (normally below or on the video) and then choose Timeshift as the app to share with.

Share from Chrome or Firefox

Jump ControlsFrom Chrome (or any other web browser), open the YouTube video that you want to play in Timeshift.

Access Chrome’s menu, select Share and choose Timeshift as the app to share with.

On some embedded videos, you may have to tap the YouTube logo on the video to get a list of services to share it with.

Paste a YouTube link inside Timeshift

Manage NotesYou can also play YouTube videos from within Timeshift. Copy your YouTube link from anywhere such as an email, tweet or web page. The link should point to the YouTube domain such as

Open Timeshift and navigate to the Online Media screen. Paste the link into the text box and select the play button.

Restricted YouTube videos

For various reasons, some YouTube videos may not play in Timeshift. For example, videos may be private, DRM restricted or only available for rental. Unfortunately, Timeshift won’t support playing these videos now or in the future.

Fortunately, most of the educational videos on YouTube are playable in Timeshift, so your favourite TED, MIT, Khan or other video should be available.