Progress History

Progress HistoryTimeshift tracks the progress you’ve made on all media you watch or listen to. You can see which media you’re busy with and which ones you’ve completed.

In addition to remembering the last playback position, Timeshift will also remember any customisations you make to the media such as playback speed and AB repeat settings.

Progress history combines separate bits of functionality such recently viewed with session management and completion tracking. This creates a powerful method to master learning material.


When you’re doing a course that consists of multiple videos, progress history can help you remember which videos you’ve done and where you last stopped the course. This is especially useful if you’re doing multiple courses at the same time.

Tracking progress history also helps with audiobooks, allowing you to listen to multiple books at the same time without having to remember where you were.


The Progress History tab can be found on the home screen and it shows you a list of media you’ve opened, ordered by last viewed.

For media that you’re still busy with, you’ll see a progress bar showing you how far into the media you got. For completed media, Timeshift will show you when you completed it.

Select a progress item to play the associated media. The media will start at the playback position where you last left the media.

You can remove all Progress History from the main toolbar. In Timeshift Pro, you can also remove the progress history for an individual media item without having to remove all progress history.