Using Timeshift

Timeshift has a number of useful features to help you master your learning content such as AB Repeat, Playback Speed, Bookmarks, Video Zoom and more.

Follow the guides below to find out how to get the most out of Timeshift.

Audio & Video Player

Get an overview of the basic functions of the audio and video player.

AB Repeat

With AB Repeat, you can repeat a section over and over so you can get more practice. Great for language learning, musical instruments and dance videos.

  • AB Repeat: The Basics – How to enable, adjust, replay and stop AB Repeat
  • Pause Between AB Loops – Pause after a loop to give you time to repeat the section yourself before the next loop starts
  • Switch Loop Speeds – Play one loop at normal speed and the next at a slower speed so you can follow the material more easily

Bookmarks & Clips

Bookmarks and clips allow you to remember interesting moments in your video and go back to them as often as you like.

Bluetooth Headphones Controls

Timeshift makes working with Bluetooth headphones a lot simpler and faster.

  • Narrated Menu Controls – Use narrated menus controlled via Bluetooth headphones and narrated via a Text-to-Speech voice to control playlists, playback, favourites, etc
  • Media Details Narration – Enable narration of the current media details via Text to Speech, eg. the media title, time left and current speed. Great when commuting and exercising.